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Children’s Ministries


Sunday School

FUMC Nursery

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A nursery for birth through 36 months is provided for worship services and church school activities.. Our nursery provides a safe, loving environment for our small children. This enables parents to have a meaningful experience while being comfortable with the care their child is receiving. Our nursery is staffed by trained workers and is located in room 210 on the second floor of the Education Building.

Nursery Guidelines
* Only parents or legal guardians should leave and pick up their children

* No one other than parents, nursery workers, or other designated persons should be in the nursery while their children are present.

* Children left for the first few times may be shy. Feel free to come into the room for a few minutes until the child feels more at home. Your child will be loved, comforted and prayed for by our trained staff.

* Young children are susceptible to many illnesses. IF your child is ill, please do not bring him/her to childcare at the church.

* Please pick up your child promptly after your session is over. Sometimes a child who had been happy wile you were gone will become upset as all the other children are picked up and she/he is left.

Preschool Sunday School

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Preschool Sunday school class is for all children 2 years old through pre-kindergarten. Class time is filled with Bible stories, music time, snacks and lots of fun. They meet in the second floor of the Education building in the center room.

Godly Play

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​Godly Play is a class for K-2 children based on Montessori principles located upstairs in the Education Building. Each week the teachers and children sit on the floor in a semi-circle, and listen to Bible stories that are told using wonderful, handmade visual aids. Following the story, the children are asked “wondering questions.” For example, “I wonder what the most important part of the story was,” or “I wonder what part of the story we could leave out and still have enough of our story.” This gives the children a chance to process the story in their own way and you’d be amazed at what they pull out of each story and what they remember year to year.

Following the wondering questions, the children are invited to respond to the story thru artwork, and working more with this story or any other story they’ve heard previously.

​The class is laid out cyclically. We cover the same stories during the same time each year so that the children potentially hear it three times. During the summer months, we currently alternate through two groups of characters – Old Testament and Prophets.

Class Schedule:
The children meet upstairs in the Children’s Library in room 205 (second floor of the Fellowship Hall)  at 8:45.  At approximately 8:50, we move next door to the Godly Play room for class, where they will also be picked up promptly when the bell rings.

Due to the nature of the class, we ask that anyone arriving late quietly join the circle to cause as little interruption to the class as possible.

​We also like to bring in our Jewish history as much as possible and celebrate the main holidays like Passover, Rosh Shoshana, Yom Kippur and Hanukah with music and food, so please let us know if your child has a food allergy.

Bible 345

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In Bible 345, our kids don’t just learn about the Bible – they learn how to use it and apply its teachings in their daily lives. It’s serious Bible Study that’s seriously fun!  This class in room 204 includes guided learning through interactive study, review, memory work, and engaging application activities. The base of knowledge built in this class reinforces foundational Biblical truths concerning creation, Jesus, salvation, and living for God.

Our goal is to provide our kids with a deep understanding of Jesus and His part in God’s plan to save the world. Our group begins in depth study about who Jesus is and why He was sent by God. The information provided in this class aims to help our kids understand how God’s plan unfolded in the past, what His plan is for today, and how His plan will unfold in the future. They’ll gain confidence by knowing that they fit into God’s plan.


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Almost every Monday during the school year, children are picked up from their school and brought to the church for two hours of Bible stories, music, crafts, games and fun. Please register for the year.


Special Children’s Events

Pizza, Popsicles, & Parables

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A yearly event with a pizza, popsicles and of course a Parable of Jesus. Held in May.

Promotion Sunday

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​The Sunday before school begins, our children will promote to their “new” Sunday School classes.

Pray & Play

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Held on Promotion Sunday. Meet at the church and go to your school to pray & play.

Halloween Carnival

Halloween Carnival in the fellowship on October 31 from 5 to 6 pm.

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A hour of safe fun the Sunday before Halloween in the parking lot.

Dayshore Church Camp

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Adult and student volunteers are needed for Dayshore Children Camp here May 28th-May 31st! The program is run by camp staff but volunteers are needed for check in & out and for serving snacks and meals. Come for all four days or several hours. Dayshore is a partnership between Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Centers and local UMC churches. Registration slips are in the narthex.

Summer Reading Program

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Our children read books from our growing Children’s Library and earn special prizes as they go. Read 12 books and earn a free t-shirt!

Kids Day Out

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The Kids’ Day Out Program is an outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church of Martin. The part-time preschool program provides support and nurture for young families of the congregation, as well as members of the community. With the belief that each child of God should have every opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, this program is one way for the church to live out the message of God’s love expressed through Jesus Christ.

KDO is in session two days a week (Tuesday & Thursday) for a total of ten hours and follows the Weakley County Schools Calendar. The ages of children served range from two years through five. Our philosophy for learning is that children learn best through play and with that in mind, the staff members provide a loving, educational and playful environment for the children.

Further information about Kids’ Day Out may be obtained through the church office or from the Program Director, Chrissy Hamilton, at 731-587-5524 or 731-332-1622.