About Our Church

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Our Pastor | Rev. Amanda Crice

Our Pastor | Rev. Amanda Crice


Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

Financial Secretary

Karastin Freese

Karastin Freese

Director of Discipleship & Spiritual Formation & Interim Director of Student Ministry

Judy Mehan

Judy Mehan

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Vincent

Jennifer Vincent

Director of Children

Roberto Mancusi

Roberto Mancusi

Chancel Choir Director

Chrissy Hamilton

Chrissy Hamilton

Director of Music and Worship Arts Director, Kids' Day Out Director/Teacher

Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper

Minister of Visitation

Ken Hogan

Ken Hogan

Building & Grounds Supervisor

“We gather together in the name of Jesus Christ – members of God’s family, and brothers and sisters to one another.”

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00

Friday 8:00-12:00


Staff Office Hours:

Pastor, Amanda Crice

  • Monday 9:00 – 3:30
  • Tuesday study out of the office
  • Wednesday & Thursday 9:00-4:00
  • Friday or Saturday: Sabbath depending on the ministry needs of the week.


Discipleship & Spiritual Formation Director, Karastin Hancock,

  • Monday 9:00-4:00
  • Tuesday work out of the office
  • Wednesday & Thursday 9:00-4:00
  • Friday or Saturday: Sabbath depending on the ministry needs of the week


Director of Music & Worship Arts

Kids’ Day Out Director/Teacher, Chrissy Hamilton,

  • Monday & Wednesday 8:00-2:00
  • Tuesday & Thursday KDO 8:00-2:15
  • Sunday Worship 10:00


Director of Children, Jennifer Vincent,

  • Monday 8:00-5:00 (ROOTS 3:00-5:00)
  • Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00-11:00


Financial Secretary, Kathy Smith,

  • Wednesday 8:30-4:00


Administrative Assistant, Judy Mehan

  • Mon, Tues., Wed., Thurs 8:00-4:00

Fri.: 8:00-12:00


Building & Grounds Supervisor, Ken Hogan

  • Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday 7:30-4:00


Chancel Choir Director, Robert Mancusi


Minister of Visitation, Bro. Randy Cooper


​Church Board

Church Board Chair

Council on Ministry Chair

Trustees Chair
Finance Committee Chair
Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair
Worship Committee Chair

Board Secretary


Lay Delegate

At Large


Jim Byford

Alicia Pinto

Dave Politte
Tommy Legins
Camille Legins
Amanda Crice
Vicki Smith

Judy Mehan 

Richard  Griffin

Susan Kilgas

Claire Wade

Mary Margaret Chester

Ann Gathers

Karen Baker        


Council on Ministries 


Lay Leader


Worship Committee

Chair Vicki Smith with members: Chrissy Hamilton (Director of Music & Worship Arts),  Claire Wade, Jerry Crosser, Lynn Gibson, Candy Goad (Senior Adult Rep.),  Traci Bowlin (Serve Chair), Mary Lee Grossner, Pastor Amanda Crice 


Serve Committee 
Chair Traci Bowlin with members: Rachel Bowlin (Youth Rep), Karastin Freese (Director of Discipleship & Spiritual Formation), (men’s ministry, women’s ministry, adult ministry, college rep),
 Pastor Amanda Crice  


Alicia Pinto

Andy Lewter

Amanda Crice

Nurture Committee

Chair Phyllis Pritchett, with members: Jennifer Vincent (Director of Children Ministry); Karastin Freece (Director of Discipleship & Spiritual Formation); Matt & Kayci Borden (young adult reps);  Amiee Stooksberry (Sunday School Supt.); Adam Wilson (UTM Wesley); Pastor Amanda Crice


Chair: Dave Politte with members: Laura Toney, David Ary, Chris Smith, Caroline Ideus, AJ Wimberley

Finance Committe

Chair: Tommy Legins with members: Leslie Ary, Cindy Hammond, Milo Borden, Susan Kilgas, Kathy Smith, Jim Byford, Richard Griffin, Dave Politte

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Camille Legins with members: Jenn Bane, Lee Pritchett, Mary Ellen Foley, Bart Belew, Susan Kilgas, Andy Lewter 

Lay Leadership Committee

Chair: Pastor Amanda with members: Mike Hinds, Lang Unger, Andy Lewter, Amy Belew, Katie Smith, Gayle Cooper